Homemade Christmas
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This year I decided to tone it way down for Christmas and only give homemade gifts. I only have to buy for a few people, and none of them really need anything.  When I saw this yarn at “So Much Yarn” in downtown Seattle, I immediately thought of Tracy (http://wowprincess.com/blog/).  I came up with the following:

The scarf is a knitted cable sampler (with 7 different cable patterns) by Debbie Macomber, the author.  It was very tedious and I worked on it for months – just ask the gals I knitted with on Wednesdays and Thursdays! Since Tracy travels so much, and it seems she’s always going to very cold places in the winter, I knitted the little wristlets to keep her hands warm on those cold steering wheels. The minute I saw the slipper pattern I knew I had to make them. Those were the very first things I made when I learned how to knit in junior high and I’m definitely going to make some for myself! And finally, I crocheted the re-usable bag. I’m definitely going to have make myself some of those too!


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