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Sometimes I think I accomplish nothing but after I make a list of everything I realize all that I have done! For instance,  when Tracy was visiting me in July, she was busy making cards. She had some left over paper/accessories, so I was able to make a couple cards too. Of course, all the supplies were CTMH. Here they are:


After I retired, I was looking for ways to save money (i.e., when you’re on a pension and no longer working, all of a sudden “living on a fixed income” starts to take on a whole new meaning!). I have been saving (no, not hoarding) material from years ago (okay, some of it was when Tracy was a baby 38 years ago) and decided I would  never use it to make anything so why not make napkins!  We prefer cloth napkins over paper napkins. So when Jim was transferred to New Orleans I bought some fabric and made napkins for his apartment. I ended up making 39 napkins – at least we (he) won’t run out between washings!


So one of my favorite websites right now is Pinterest! I thought my next project was so cute I just had to make it — even though I have nothing to display on it! I tried getting the dishes at Dollar Store but all they had were breakable dishes. I found these at Safeway!


I totally stole my next project from a friend of a friend at a Saturday scrap/project day in Moses Lake. She was making these mesh-type bags – all sizes and shapes. I decided I had to make some. These four I made for Tracy for her birthday. I have the material and zippers all ready to make some more next week! The mesh-type fabric is called “Pet D Fense” and you get it at Lowe’s in a roll. It’s not hard to sew on at all and you don’t need a special needle or anything. They would be great for traveling if you want to take your stitching, card making supplies, scrapbooking supplies, make-up, toiletries, etc.


That’s it for now!

Anita @ 10:00 am

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    August 8, 2013 | 11:34 am

    I love your projects especially the plate and bowl piece. the bags are fun huh? I need to make a few more. Hope all is well

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